Mandelic acid: the best acne cure


Acne pimples has often been one of the major worries on every teenager mind. It is a widespread skin problem that affects a person at the onset of puberty and remains till adulthood and is triggered by numerous factors.

Reasons causing acne

The main reason of this problem is too much secretion of oil (sebum) by sebaceous glands. However, hormonal imbalances, stress and the wrong type of diet are a few of the factors that accentuate the concern. The surface of the skin is coated with small follicles of hair or skin pores that get clogged due to excess oil (sebum) secretion. Dirt, sweat and bacteria causes inflammation and those red-colored patches are generally known as acne.

Anti-acne remedies

Nearly Everybody from a teenager to adult are on the lookout for the most effective anti acne treatment. With a variety of lotions, creams, ointments and over the counter medicines you can find, there is no lack of products. The anti acne treatment that nearly everybody looks for is the one that will not only cures the issue but also stops its recurrence.

No wonder that products with mandelic acid are the most popular remedies given that they have no side effects, are all-natural and also cheaper. However, if the problem is severe, you have to speak with a skin doctor or try anti acne solutions based on your skin type.

Frequent solutions

The most advocated anti acne treatments in today’s world is a combination of Mandelic acid and Salicylic acid. What is mandelic acid? Mandelic acid is a more gentle form of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that offers a thorough skin care remedy. Its anti bacterial attributes have the potential to control acne and lessen its frequent outbreaks. Even chemical peeling, one of the favorite treatments, involves the application of Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) on the face post cleansing. Mandelic acid also lessens skin discoloration such as big freckles and brown spots, along with hyper pigmentation, imperfections and fine lines. Additionally, Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (AHA) which is mostly used to get rid of non-inflamed or comedonal acne such as whiteheads and blackheads, throughout the exfoliation approach.

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Acne foods 101: what to eat and what to avoid.


No matter how old you are, you can get acne, especially during teenage, and while some teens might put up with it as a part of growing up, others fail to be so patient, finding themselves trying a million things that don’t work. acne problems can be very frustrating. As common as acne problems are, the only one who worries about your acne is you, so don’t stress it, but take precautions.

While topical exfoliators like mandelic acid peel seems to work for most people, it is important to know which foods can help you prevent the problem and which ones you need to stay from.

The ongoing debate continues on whither certain foods should be associated with acne or not, dermatologists are recommending certain foods and giving advice to avoid others as they trigger breakouts, in fact, here are are 2 lists of foods to add to/remove from your acne diet.

Remove These foods from your acne diet




-Refined sugar

-Spicy food

-Salty foods

-Fried foods.

Add these foods to your acne diet

-Fruits and vegetables

-Cereals and grain





Remember that acne affects skins differently , so a person who don’t have history with acne problems could eat pretty much everything in that list without it resulting acne, however if a person already have problems with acne then these foods can make it worse.

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Todd Acne Solution

ImageThere are as many types of acne. Acne vulgaris is a common skin disease that affect at least 80% of people at some time in their life. It affects the areas of skin with the thickest number of sebaceous follicles, which is why acne is seen mostly on the face, neck, back, and parts of the chest. Acne problems can be easily cured with the right treatment.

Acne vulgaris occurs when the hair follicle becomes clogged with the oil produced by the oil gland. The result is a pimple. Three elements must be present for a pimple to develop: Follicular epidermal, excess selbum, and inflammation

Excess sebum is also an important factor in the development of acne. The amount of sebum the body produces directly relates to the severity of the acne. The initial infection is the formation of the clogged pore, what we call a pimple or a zit…

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So Fetch Daily

Do you know the difference between skincare facts and fiction? It’s easy to be fooled by common skin care myths, especially the ones that sound like they make sense if you don’t know better. Old wives tales and word of mouth can lead you down a path of sun damage, break outs, and wasted dollars if you don’t take the time to research the claims. I rounded up the five most of the commonly mistaken skin care myths to get you started on your way towards healthier and happier skin. Read on for the truth about common skin care myths…

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I know this isn’t my jam, but I just had to post about this stuff. I can’t do my makeup all professional, I do not have a lengthy night time skin routine, I barely wear perfume. I know you are like ew. To get my out of a beauty funk (or laziness), I just need a change. Goodbye Neutrogena, hello Simple Skincare. I’ll admit it, I bought it because Allison Williams’ pretty face is all over the commercials and ads. But seriously, it’s THE BEST. I dont know what the heck they put in there, but my skin is so soft after just washing it. I debate putting on moisturizer after. (Obvi I do.) Do your skin a favor and go to Target to get this product line!

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.39.44 AM

info at and purchase at 

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My Healthy World

Dry Skin causes a lot of problems. More concern is when the weather around you changes. Winter season is the most important, as the skin becomes more dry and you should take proper care of your skin.

Avoiding dry skin
Do not abuse the pools because it found that the chlorine causes excess skin irritation . When bathing, water should not be too hot, and after the shower you can use a few drops of baby oil on wet hands and then pass it on through the body.

Avoid consumption of snuff.  difficult Smoking tissue oxygenation which causes  the skin to dry and wrinkle  quickly.

It is better not to apply moisturizers and moisturizing homemade after bathing, and soaps  should be neutral, creams that are used should also be free of fragrance. Note that during winter the skin dries further, and you should care harder. If left untreated, the dry…

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Skin care is one thing that is often overlooked. Many people worry about cosmetics and forget about the overall health of the skin. People often ignore just how important an organ the human skin is. The article below will help you see your skin in a whole new light.

An Excellent Guide To Keeping Your Skin In Tip-Top Condition Always treat your skin gently. Hot water will dry out your skin, and reduce the necessary oil on the surface. After showering or having a bath, don’t rub your skin too harshly. Be gentle with the towel so that you don’t harm your skin.

Have a spa day. You can enjoy some time off, relax and have a professional facial, which will help open your pores and remove dead skin.

To achieve a beautiful face, you should exfoliate a minimum of three times each week. Consider scrubs formulated specifically for facial…

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