I know this isn’t my jam, but I just had to post about this stuff. I can’t do my makeup all professional, I do not have a lengthy night time skin routine, I barely wear perfume. I know you are like ew. To get my out of a beauty funk (or laziness), I just need a change. Goodbye Neutrogena, hello Simple Skincare. I’ll admit it, I bought it because Allison Williams’ pretty face is all over the commercials and ads. But seriously, it’s THE BEST. I dont know what the heck they put in there, but my skin is so soft after just washing it. I debate putting on moisturizer after. (Obvi I do.) Do your skin a favor and go to Target to get this product line!

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.39.44 AM

info at and purchase at 

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    Thanks for the re post! 🙂

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