Acne foods 101: what to eat and what to avoid.


No matter how old you are, you can get acne, especially during teenage, and while some teens might put up with it as a part of growing up, others fail to be so patient, finding themselves trying a million things that don’t work. acne problems can be very frustrating. As common as acne problems are, the only one who worries about your acne is you, so don’t stress it, but take precautions.

While topical exfoliators like mandelic acid peel seems to work for most people, it is important to know which foods can help you prevent the problem and which ones you need to stay from.

The ongoing debate continues on whither certain foods should be associated with acne or not, dermatologists are recommending certain foods and giving advice to avoid others as they trigger breakouts, in fact, here are are 2 lists of foods to add to/remove from your acne diet.

Remove These foods from your acne diet




-Refined sugar

-Spicy food

-Salty foods

-Fried foods.

Add these foods to your acne diet

-Fruits and vegetables

-Cereals and grain





Remember that acne affects skins differently , so a person who don’t have history with acne problems could eat pretty much everything in that list without it resulting acne, however if a person already have problems with acne then these foods can make it worse.

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